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You can tell that a lot of planning went into the writing of this book, right down to the geography, terminology and historical timeline. With the addition of a powerful female character and her interesting relationship with dolphins, John Tkac has written an exceptional book and one that I think will be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Amazon review by Glenn Mueller



This adventure tale could well become a classic for young adult and older readers.

The author’s descriptions are detailed but not overburdening. Claire Riley, the heroine, sails from southern Ireland in 1714 and is followed by a group of magical telepathic dolphins. The dialog between Claire and the dolphins is very well done and wonderfully believable.

The story is peppered with plot twists, and the themes concerning education, slavery, and prejudice are skillfully woven into the story. The novel comes to life with a cast of colorful characters that include the three young sons of an English lord, a mysterious Irish carpenter, a huge African blacksmith, a family of native islanders, a witchdoctor, and many more.

This is a novel written by a master storyteller about an evil and horrible piece of history and a band of fictional characters that face that evil with honor, courage, and love.

Don’t dare miss this one.

Amazon review by Allison Brouillette



I loved this book for so many reasons: adventure, history, romance, mystery, plots and sub-plots! Very hard to put down and as a retired teacher, I kept thinking about the dozens of ways it could be tied to a variety of cross-curricular projects for students. But this book transcends any specific age group. Readers of all ages will be captivated by the colorful narrative and smart characters. While there is an important mystical element, I must confess, I was thrilled at the complete absence of vampires! Mr. Tkac, keep writing!!! Faster! Can't wait for your next book!

Amazon review by Eager Reader


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