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What are the chances that a group of young people will read a book and then meet the author? It may never happen.
Here is your chance.
I charge no speaking fees or honorariums. I'll come to your school for free (well, almost free). I do ask that you buy a few class sets of books and have your students read Talking to Water. My visit will have little effect if no one has read the novel before I visit. Depending on where your school is located, I may ask that you pay for travel expenses.
I'll talk to your students about writing. We'll discuss theme, plot, story arch, pace syntax, character development, finding the right word, active verbs, and (my favorite subject) grammar.
Students will also hear my thoughts about how literacy can shape their lives and the Q&A about the book is always fun.
Email me (adstkac@aol.com) to schedule your dynamic and entertaining visit. 
John Tkac   

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